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Micro bikinis for women: sexy bikinis in tiny cuts

Because of their skin-showing design, these bikinis naturally have a very sexy touch. A wider neckline, less fabric and a tight comfort are creating curiosity and crackling in the air. You definitely provoke a game with the imagination. The curves are clearly recognizable and yet everything remains hidden. Anyone who uses a tiny bikini is aware of it, wants to present themselves and will not go unnoticed. The blunt femininity paired with erotic elegance is the focus. This swimwear makes you an unattainable seduction on the entire beach.

Summer trends: micro-bikinis with a Brazilian look

The micro bikini top is often combined with the Brazilian slip in order to achieve an harmonic look. Playful details like ribbons, bows or frills are possible, but not a must. The simple style without any additional details also has its charm. However, if you want to focus on color, accents and individuality, the mini bikini with Brazilian is the right choice.

Leopard prints and golden accessories are just as welcome as pink elements. With its triangle design, the micro bikini is practically a classic. Due to its less used fabric, the provocative cut ensures a great effect and additional freedom. Some models even allow a push-up effect through removable cups. There are no limits to the creativity for a sexy appearance. Become a provocative Amazon who carries her feminine self-confidence out into the world.

That really defines the micro bikini

“Extreme bikinis” have a very strong effect. Whoever you cross on the beach in a mini bikini, the thoughts of the men’s world are stimulated.

  • Sexy: The focus of a micro bikini is clearly on the presentation of all femininity! Without revealing all secrets
  • To be playful: Just because a bikini is made of less material does not mean that no accessories or ribbons can be added for an extra charm. Playful elements provide that certain look-but aren’t a must.
  • Fits the Brazilian bottom-style: bright colors, wild patterns and eye-catching accessories make up the Brazilian design. It goes perfectly well with the micro bikini-top to really blow everyone away
  • Ideal in the shape of a triangle bikini: petite, tight, sexy! – The triangle cut likes to present the feminine curves. Perfect for the micro bikini.
  • Requires sexy bikini bottoms: In order for the micro bikini to achieve its full effect, a suitable bikini slip is important. The Brazilian cut, a high leg-cut or a revealing bikini thong are the right choice.
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