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Sports bikini: swimwear for active women

The summer vacation opens up many opportunities to do sports on the beach. Beach volleyball is the best example for fitness & fun in sometimes very tight swimwear. Swimming in the blue sea or refreshing pool should also be done in suitable clothing. The sports bikini is a successful mix of femininity and sports clothing for women. Modern designs are paired with stable materials and complete freedom of movement. The sports bikini is the ideal way to elegantly and actively experience summer.

The best bikinis for sports and fitness

For a good swimming performance, a well-fitting sports bikini is the most elegant choice. Thanks to the sporty cut, all curves are in good shape even after you were pretty active in the water. The rather “simple” look is convincing at first glance, both in the sea and on the beach. The secure cover combined with the charming character of the sports bikini ensures excitement and curiosity.

A beautiful bikini for fitness and sports on vacation should not look “boring”, just because it provides good support. Nowadays were we care so much about our health and work out, we should also be able to find the right bikini to feel comfortable in. Favorite colors for our sports bikini are black or white. They represent elegance, dynamism and youth. The smooth materials and clean lines are part of the modern look. Some sports bikinis provide a little special. Playful details such as subtle patterns, accessoires or processed metal elements which are covered in real gold. Creative add-ons aren’t impairing the functionality of those bikini tops.

Are bandeau bikinis also suitable for sports?

Our sports bikinis and bandeau bikinis can look similar. Both models have a wider cut without presenting too much. The focus is on the overall picture and the delicate lines. However, bandeau is still more free, playful and less suitable for sports due to the missing or removable straps. The sports bikini is a stable and protective piece of swimwear that offers sufficient support when swimming and other activities.

Features of sports bikinis:

What makes a sports bikini a sport bikini?

  • Very comfortable: the well-fitting sports bikini ensures sufficient freedom of movement. The material lies comfortably on the body and is kind to the skin.
  • Stable and safe: Even with fast movements, this swimwear keeps everything in place.
  • Sufficient material: sporty femininity is sexy! Without giving deep insights.
  • With straps: straps are the best option for additional support during sports
  • Non-slip: Elastic material and cuffs and straps ensure a design that is as non-slip as possible.

In the van Dalsky bikini shop you will find sports bikinis that combine a feminine design with a sporty cut. Elegance and good coverage are not mutually exclusive, they are actually a pretty good match.

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